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#PlayWithPurpose! Spring'ing Into New Adventures (SPRING 2021UPDATE)

Hello Team Human!

Much has happened since January.

After three years of training, I am honored to now be a certified Wim Hof Method instructor.

A new start-up - Peak Flow - is in the works with fellow Hoffers of courage, vision and integrity.

I've published our second peer-reviewed science paper on Rosalind Peterson's citizen scientist legacy at Our Geoengineering Age.

And. of course, we continue to cover the COVIDtastrophe at Vermont Independent, and in a newly outlined book called COVIDTOPIA: Ten Truths About Viral Tyranny, Health Freedom, and Human Destiny In An Age of Planetary Techno-Fascism.

What a remarkable time to be alive, in the midst of this strange Civilizational moment, and spring'ing into new adventures.

Courage, Team Human!

See you OUTside!

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