Life Hacker 

We live in interesting times.
Here are some of my favorite “life hacks” – gear and advice - for making the most of today.

Family I have two hard-working brothers. They’ve taught me much about “life hacking” over the years. Here’s how you can enjoy what they’ve built and are working on.





Snacks! Check out my FLA-based brother Matthew’s Fro Pro snack bars at Organic, vegan, plant-based, low calorie, high protein squares embedded in a peanut butter base – eat ‘em frozen, chilled, or at room temp. Vanilla, Mint, Coffee, Almond Butter, Key Lime (in season) and Cacao (my favorite.) Subscribe and get a discount and monthly deliver without ever having to remember to re-order. I eat one for breakfast, and pack ‘em daily.


Music! Give a listen to my Nashville-based brother Christopher’s music at “C Dub” has done the impossible – built a successful multi-decade music career as a truly independent singer/songwriter/percussionist. Best of all, his music comes from a deep spiritual place, and his live perfomances are magical.

Daily I find a daily meditation practice to be helpful for quieting mind, body and spirit. Here are two affordable and accessible meditation apps I enjoy.

Calm: daily wisdom from Tamara Levitt at

Headspace: daily coaching at

Fitness The Wim Hof Method at combines daily stretching, breathing and cold water immersion in a unique and powerful way.






After years of enjoying our Vermont winter sauna heat/snow roll cold adventures, I discovered the science behind the WHM, and am now a daily practitioner. 30 minutes of daily commitment with noticeable results. And Wim Hof's personal odyssey, as well as his record-breaking adventures, are both inspiring.

Food Yak, of course!


Because grass-fed yak meat contains more protein and omega 3s and less fat than any other beef, and because yaks consume less grass per acre than any other bovine, we call yak beef "the Planet's greenest red meat." Visit for information about how to find grass-fed yak meat in your North American neighborhood.

Wearables  I am currently testing a number of yak-made clothing items from a number of different companies sourcing yak hair on the Tibetan Plateau. Stay tuned! In the meantime...

Having traveled all over the world trying to keep my bags as light and me as mobile as possible, I am a big fan of socks, underwear and shirts made by a Canadian company called Unbound Merino - find out more at UB's clothes are sturdy, lightweight, and wear well over the course of many days of travel. Give 'em a try - well worth the investment.

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