Words are powerful.

I have published two books:

Most Likely To Secede: What The Vermont Independence Movement Can Teach Us About Reclaiming Community And Creating a Human-Scale Vision In The 21st Century

(2012 – Vermont Independence Press)


Media Education for a Digital Generation

(2016  - Routledge)


I have also written numerous book chapters and hundreds of articles online. Read them all at: 

In the spirit of revolutionary pamphleteer Thomas Paine, I have published three pamphlets:


 Plan ‘V’, about blueprinting Vermont independence,


 The Post (Truth) World, about fake news, real journalism, and the Chomsky/Herman propaganda model, updated for the Digital Age.


Media Mojo! about common power tools and simple storytelling strategies for our Digital Age (2020).

MediaEducation for a Digital Generation - by Dr. Rob Williams

Check out the Vermont Independent YouTube Channel

Dialogue is powerful.


Since 2017, I have co-produced “Plan V-TV,” a bimonthly television show exploring 21st century issues of import from a local decentralist perspective.  I am currently working on a book about a global history of yaks and what they can teach us entitled Life By The Horns: The Yak Way – What We Can Learn From This Sexy Beast.

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