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Words are powerful.

I have published two books:

Most Likely To Secede: What The Vermont Independence Movement Can Teach Us About Reclaiming Community And Creating a Human-Scale Vision In The 21st Century

(2012 – Vermont Independence Press)


Media Education for a Digital Generation

(2016  - Routledge)


I have also written numerous book chapters and hundreds of articles online. Read them all at: 

MediaEducation for a Digital Generation - by Dr. Rob Williams
Mos Likely to Secede - by Dr. Rob Willams

In the spirit of revolutionary pamphleteer Thomas Paine, I have published three pamphlets:


 Plan ‘V’, about blueprinting Vermont independence,


 The Post (Truth) World, about fake news, real journalism, and the Chomsky/Herman propaganda model, updated for the Digital Age.


Media Mojo! about common power tools and simple storytelling strategies for our Digital Age (2020).


Check out THE GREAT RELEARNING YouTube Channel!

From 2017 - 2023, I co-produced “Plan V-TV,” a bimonthly television show exploring 21st century issues of import from a local decentralist perspective here in our 2nd Vermont republic (2VR), before YouTube and Vimeo both “deplatformed” (removed) our 2VR channel and close to 200 videos, claiming we were “violating community guidelines” by publishing “misinformation.” (#ByeByeBigTech)

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