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Breath Coach


What is a “Breath Coach?”

Using the strategic power of breath, a Breath Coach helps Humans apply “hormesis" (titrated doses of positive stress) to cultivate deeper “resilience” - our inner ability to “spring back into shape,” especially when life gets a bit rough or times grow a bit tough.


Resilience begins inside each of us, a process involving mind, body, and spirit.


Two questions.

1.     Are you interested in developing a mindful commitment toward living a more healthy, balanced, and fulfilled life in the midst of complex and confusing times?


2.     Are you curious about how to cultivate resilience of MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT - building health, strength, and happiness into your daily life, and uncovering your wild nature?

YES?! Then join me for hands-on health and wellness workshops that will support more resilience for you and your organization.


My Story. 

I’ve been an athlete and spiritual seeker all of my life, and a teacher since 1989.


When I reached the age of 50, I had an epiphany, which arrived in the form of a question.


How do I make the most of my next fifty years, and continue my love for teaching?


My journey led me to breathwork, resilience training, and instructor certifications in the Wim Hof Method (WHM), Oxygen Advantage (OA), International Buteyko Clinic, and BEMER USA.


Backed by emerging scientific research, the Wim Hof Method’s three pillars combine 1) “I can” Mindset and “I Do” Commitment with 2) daily breathing exercises and 3) gradual cold-water immersion – all working together to build a more resilient mind, body, and spirit. Oxygen Advantage applies cutting edge breath-focused science to improved fitness, health, and athletic performance. Buteyko Breath Coaching focuses on improving functional breathing, beginning with nightly sleep and “breathe light" exercises.


I am also a representative with the BEMER USA group. BEMER is a patented pioneering medical technology that optimizes health and wellness by massaging our circulatory system, improving microcirculation, and supporting the daily optimization of mind and body.


As a certified Wim Hof Method instructor, Oxygen Advantage trainer, Buteyko Breath Coach, and BEMER representative, I offer workshops, retreats and customized sessions to support you, your family, your team, and your organization develop deeper health, wellness, and resilience. 


Interested in collaborating?​

Be in touch: / 802.279.3364.

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