Public Speaking 

Terrific speaker...

-New York Health and Wellness Teacher

 Since 2002,  I have delivered fun and powerful multimedia talks on a wide range of topics all over the country, from large auditoriums full of students to small workshops with professional colleagues. I particularly enjoy talking with 21st century “netizens” of all ages about how we can be more "media savvy” in our 21st century Digital Age.  

I had the good fortune of attending a media workshop where Rob Williams was a speaker. I’m hard to surprise when it comes to talks about media, but in the space of 60 minutes Rob brought media education to life for me. I wanted to press “rewind" and hear it all again!"

-Sara Voorhees; Nationally Syndicated Film Critic; New Mexico

Rob Williams engages any audience...

-University Library Information Specialist

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Rob’s talk on our

"social media selves" completely engaged our middle and high school students...

-Green Mountain Valley

School English Teacher

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