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 Public Speaking 

Terrific speaker...

-New York Health and Wellness Teacher

Rob was able to weave everything we're doing with technology into such an interesting presentation. His talk fit perfectly!"  


-Allison Murphy, New York Health and Wellness Teacher, 2019

 Since 2002,  I have delivered fun and powerful multimedia talks on a wide range of topics all over the country, from large auditoriums full of students to small workshops with professional colleagues. I particularly enjoy talking with 21st century “netizens” of all ages about how we can be more "media savvy” in our 21st century Digital Age.  

I had the good fortune of attending a media workshop where Rob Williams was a speaker. I’m hard to surprise when it comes to talks about media, but in the space of 60 minutes Rob brought media education to life for me. I wanted to press “rewind" and hear it all again!"

-Sara Voorhees; Nationally Syndicated Film Critic; New Mexico

Rob Williams engages any audience...

-University Library Information Specialist

...whether in a classroom, ballroom, auditorium, or online - in ways that are surprising, important, thoughtful, and engaging. His talks are an alchemy of hard questions, challenging themes, interesting clips, humor, and energy. Rob is a gifted teacher and speaker - don’t miss him!”

-Sarah Cohen; University Library Information Specialist; California

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Rob’s talk on our

"social media selves" completely engaged our middle and high school students...

-Green Mountain Valley

School English Teacher

The students also really appreciated Rob’s candor and direct approach, and were very responsive to his honesty about both the drawbacks and benefits of social media and the associated technologies; they brought back his concepts and questions to our classes and helped frame an important conversation about the roles social media play in our school community.”

-Sam Jackson; Green Mountain Valley School English Teacher; Vermont

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