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The (US) Psychology of Totalitarianism (DC Roundtable)

Updated: Mar 1

Welcome back to the United States of America to my dear friend Dr. Mattias Desmet of Belgium's University of Ghent, who flew in to testify this week in Washington, DC on behalf of Team Human, along with a "Who's Who" of health choice and medical freedom advocates, professionals all.

Take a few hours and closely listen / watch - what is perhaps the most important US Senate Roundtable in decades. Entire stream accessed here.

Fourteen minute "highlight reel" here.

I'd share the videos of my interviews with Dr. Desmet over the past several years, but they've all been summarily removed from both YouTube and Vimeo. I take no small measure of pride in introducing Mattias to Vermont's independent publisher Margo Baldwin of Chelsea Green back in 2021, and Margo had the courage and foresight to publish the English language version of Mattias' book The Psychology of Totalitarianism. A "must read" for these interesting times.

Courage, like Curiosity, is Contagious.

May it always be so.

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