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JUNE 2020 UPDATES: Summer'ing In Vermont

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

June is here is the Green Mountains, and despite variable temperatures - 90 degrees one week and 45 degrees the next - we've already had glorious sunny days and cool nights, and the Mad River and local lakes are heating up enough to enjoy swimming and lounging without putting on the Hoffing hat.

And the mountains.

Did I mention the Green Mountains?

While our COVID-addled civilization continues to feel its way forward, we are moving ahead with exciting summer projects. No teaching, for the first time in many summers, due to the coronavirus U "reboot" all colleges and universities are experiencing.


The YakItToMe! mobile BBQ food wagon - every Saturday from 9-1 at the Waitsfield Farmer's Market - along with focus on drafting our "Suisse Yak Hoffing" and "Going Grassy" chapters between now and the fall.

After five years of research and publishing, Chelsea Green founder Ian Baldwin and I have created a stand-alone OGA web site, and have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the archival files of the great anti-geoengineering citizen activist Rosalind Peterson of central California.

Looking forward to a fantastic summer in our emerging 2nd Vermont Republic.

See you OUTSIDE!

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