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Waking Up The Sun! (PEAK FLOW Meets FRO PRO)

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

An honor and a privilege to talk with youngest bother Matthew Williams, founder of Florida-based Fro Pro snack bar company, on his "Waking Up The Sun" podcast. We discuss our Peak Flow mission - to optimize Human experience, one Breath at a Time, as well as Hormesis, Morning Rituals, and the importance of Listening and Gratitude.

Below is his official WOTS blurb. Enjoy!

Dr. Rob Williams Wake Up The Sun

First time family member on the podcast and grateful to have my oldest brother on while visiting South Florida. His mission is to improve overall health, wellness and knowledge about oneself through breath work and hormesis. As my older brother lives in the shire of Vermont, I don't get to visit with him as often as I would like but last time I was there we jumped into an ice cold river during late October. Over the years, I watched him do his breathing, cold exposure and beam therapy prior to the river plunge but this was my first experience plunging into close to freezing temperatures. It was an exhilarating experience and one that I wished to replicate down in warm sunny South Florida which I was able to do with a chest freezer in my own garage. I began to study breath work and add into my daily routine in addition to therapy by studying the Wim Hof method during the pandemic. I was happy to have Rob on the show after his Peak Flow workshop where he led several people through breathing protocols, restorative movement and cold therapy using Ice Barrel technology. His routine has been in place for years and whether at home or on family vacation he finds It extremely important to start every day the same way: breathe, meditate, move, plunge and set the intention for a successful day. Energy flows where the focus goes and he encourages TEAM HUMAN to take action in bettering their overall health one day at at time by doing things that may be uncomfortable. You can follow Rob on insta @dryakrob or @peakflow_ and please reach out with any questions regarding his upcoming workshops around the world. Please enjoy the show!

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