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JANUARY 2020 UPDATES: The Iceman Cometh - The Wim Hof Method

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Happy new year 2020, fellow sapiens!


Thanks to all of you who have stopped by my new RCW web site and blog over the past few months since I launched this. I appreciate the dialogue and feedback!

Exciting news as we enter the new year - after many months of daily practice with the Wim Hof Method (deep breathing, cold water immersion, and yoga/stretching), I've applied to and have been accepted to the Wim Hof Instructor's Academy for 2020.

So much of the scholarly work I do on media, communications, yaks, politics, and environmental policy is cerebral - and I've found the Wim Hof Method to be invaluable in addressing the spiritual and physical sides of daily experience.

This winter, I'm experimenting with combining a hot sauna with a cold plunge pool. Wim Hof meets the Scandinavians. The result? With mindfulness, initial physical discomfort can lead to bliss.

If you are unfamiliar with Dutchman Wim Hof, known as "the Iceman," and the Wim Hof Method, please visit the web site for free resources and more about the WHM protocol, a daily practice I've found to be easy, effective, FREE, and attainable by ANYone who possesses even a modicum of daily discipline.

Here's Wim Hof discussing his groundbreaking healing work with the folks at London Real this past week.

And you can try the Wim Hof breathing protocol by participating in this short video, where Wim coaches Brian of London Real on how to breathe like the Iceman.

You can handle the cold shower on your own.

Seem too good to be true?

My suggestion - try the WHM protocol once daily (I suggest early mornings) for a month and see what you learn about your self - body, mind, and spirit.

More on the WHM as 2020 unfolds.

January, meanwhile, is devoted to launching a new semester of university courses here in Vermont, work on Life By The Horns (chapters on Suisse hof/farm yakking and a visit to Denver, Colorado for the annual National Western Stock Show), and further development of our YAK U beta learning platform with an #OYOME book draft in the works, and a 13 part Post (Truth) World video series.

Stay tuned, and happy new year!

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