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SEPTEMBER 2020 UPDATES: The (Bitter)Sweetness of Autumn Good Byes (PEAK PARENTING)

Every September, Vermonters and visitors alike look forward to "Peak Foliage," that autumnal moment when our leaves bid adieu to their summer greenery, fire into spectacularly brilliant colors - yellows, reds, and oranges - and then return to the earth, disintegrating into the soil to help feed, someday, the coming spring.

As Vermont continues to weather the "COVID pandemic," Kate and I say "good bye" this month to both of our children as they fly the family nest we have constructed over the past twenty years. College senior Ani chose (wisely, in my view) to spend her last autumn of college studying remotely and living with friends in a series of beautiful places that provide her with mountains, rivers, trails and access to the Great Outdoors. College freshman Theron heads to Denver (University of) for what will be the most unusual freshman year in recent history.

We're under no illusions - they'll be back, again and again, and we look forward to their return to our Home, full of Life, youthful Energy, and stories of Adventure - a bit older and wiser than when they left us. This autumn feels like we've reached "Peak Parenting," having invested two decades of our time, life energy, no small amount of money, and a whole lotta love into these two urchins.

With our Peak Parenting hats on, we wish them both well.

(Bitter)sweet - that sentiment feels about right.

See you Outside!

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