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PLAN V-TV ("Best Of" Podcast Series)

Below, find BEST OF recent podcasts from my long-term collaboration with Vermont's Mad River Valley Television. "Like Courage, Conversation is Contagious." Enjoy!

SPRING 2023: Documentary Film director Jeff Gibbs, of An Inconvenient Truth and Planet Of The Humans

SPRING 2023: Independent journalist Celia Farber, author of Serious Adverse Events

SPRING 2023: Independent Journalists Benjamin Hardy and Michael Merenda on TERRAIN THEORY

WINTER 2022: Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, author of The New Abnormal: The Rise Of The Biosecurity State

SUMMER 2022: Exploring The Bodies Of Others, with liberal feminist and author Naomi Wolf

FALL 2022: Diving deep into The Psychology of Totalitarianism, with Dr. Mattias Desmet

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