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Peak Flow: A “Breathwork Ecosystem” For Optimizing Human Potential!

Enjoy my conversation with “Creating Cabin Life” podcaster Claudia Stauber - Spring 2022 - from her homestead in northern Vermont. Follow “Creating Cabin Life” here.

Among many topics, we discuss:

  1. The Wim Hof Method - wishing Wim a happy 63rd birthday!

  2. Breathwork and Hormesis.

  3. Breathing and Cold Water Immersion - the relationship between the two.

  4. Breathing exercises - “Nose Unblocking” and “Light, Slow, Deep and Diaphragmatic (LSD) breathing.”

  5. Cultivating breathwork habits. ———— More information about our Peak Flow “breathwork ecosystem”—> Buteyko Clinic International, Oxygen Advantage, and the Wim Hof Method. ADDITIONAL STRATEGIC BREATHING PROTOCOLS, BREATHING EXERCISES, and BREATHWORK INFORMATION More breathwork strategies, breathing exercises, and information and resources related to strategic breathing: Healthline, WebMD, the American Lung Association, John Hopkins Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Medical News Today, Wikipedia, MindBodyGreen,, VeryWellMind, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Headspace, and Dr. Andrew Huberman’s Stanford University Research Laboratory.

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