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MAY 2020 UPDATES: "Opening" Vermont For Summer

Welcome to May in the Green Mountains.

May has been a month of wrapping up spring semester 2020 university work and transitioning to summer YakItToMe! mobile BBQ food wagon, Vermont hemp farm growing, and research projects - COVID, yaks, geoengineering, and beyond.

A few highlights:

Enjoy this podcast'ed deep dive into fake news and real journalism with old friend Paul Ingles, radio journalist in Albuquerque, New Mexico based on my book The Post (Truth) World.

Transcript teaser here:

"We all have to do our own personal vetting on what information and journalism is trust-worthy and, importantly, worthy of sharing. We are all TOO EAGER to share a post that confirms our own biases.

Let's agree to be more careful about first reading it, before posting it, to see if it passes this 6 step filter for what is quality journalism and "real news" --- as spelled out by media scholar Rob Williams on this month's PEACE TALKS RADIO episode.

ROB WILLIAMS: The term “fake news” is a new term for really what is an old phenomenon and that is the phenomenon of propaganda. To be clear, what we mean by propaganda is simply one-sided information published to persuade.

Let’s talk about real news as opposed to fake news or propaganda. Real news has six elements. 

Real news is storied information that is 

#1: recent,

#2: relevant, which is to say it’s news that we can use,

#3: it’s reliable, which is to say it’s transparently sourced. None of this “sources said,” or “authorities said.” Let’s be clear about where the information is coming from.


#4: it has a sense of historical context. 

#5: it is what I like to say, “hegemonically hip,” which is simply to say it foregrounds power relations,

#6: it is harmonious or has multiple points of view.

Recent, relative, reliable, historical, hegemonic and harmonious.

If a news story, a purported news story doesn’t meet those six simple criteria, then it is probably not a news story.

What I say to people is rather than take your news faithfully on a channel by channel or network by network or personality by personality basis [as in “Tucker Carlson always serves it up straight,” or “Rachel Maddow always serves it up straight”] TREAT EACH NEWS STORY ON ITS OWN TERMS (applying the 6 elements of real news).

Doing this requires a little bit more discernment of course, a little bit more intellectual effort of course, but this is the situation that we find ourselves in.

If you can think critically about news on a story by story basis, then we will be in much better shape than we are currently.

This is where critical media literacy really comes into play."

YakItToMe mobile BBQ wagon at the Waitsfield Farmer's Market in our COVID moment.

Watching Vermont emerge from COVID Lockdown, I have been immersed for more than two months, as most have, in trying to understand WTF is going on.

The Viking Queen - mojito'ed.

To wit.

From our weekly Vermont Independent coverage, here is our finished trilogy entitled COVID EMPIRE, and my Op/Ed entitled "Beyond COVIDphobia: Ending The Assault On Herd Immunity," with 11 reasons why, and references.

Our new "yak street taco." Order online at

The COVID upshot summarized, as far as I can tell:

The US and Vermont have outsourced our public health policy planning and, it appears, our collective civilizational future to a global Big Pharma drug cartel which now funds and partners with most major US legacy news and digital "social media" information providers and has, for decades, pursued virus weaponization and legally indemnified and increasingly aggressive vaccine protocol programs around the world.

Daughter Anneka in our May Wim Hof Method workshop - cold plunge pool!

This outsourcing has three phases, beyond the initial "plandemic" = "pandemic planning."

Lockdown: For the first time in human history, our policymakers called for the "mass quarantining" of healthy people under the name of "Stay Home, Stay Safe" orders (here in Vermont) in an attempt to "flatten the curve" and "slow the spread of the virus" so health care providers can be prepared.

Looting: US imperial policymakers - the Congress and the White House - enacted the so-called CARES Act to compensate for a near-complete policy-driven national economic shutdown, throwing a $250 million "stimulus relief" bone to US wage earners and small business owners while presiding over the leveraged transfer of between $4 and 5 billion dollars to the uber-rich, a move US independent financial analyst Dylan Ratigan is calling "the single biggest upward transfer of wealth in all of human history."

Long-term War: The global Big Pharma drug cartel is now engaged in a long-term war against #TeamHuman, pushing protocols designed to weaken our evolutionary ability, as as species, to "immunize" ourselves against new viruses and maintain a health and well-function civilization - "social distancing" protocols, mandatory mask wearing, continued lockdowns / quarantines - in addition to national "contact tracing" programs, quantum dye tattoo to monitor individuals and their medical histories, along with the rush to develop a COVID vaccine, which, we are told, will be mandatory before we can "get back to normal."

Interesting times indeed.

May Can Jamming with son Theron.

Enjoy the photos here.

Blessed to have high quality time with our yak cart and our family here in Mad River Valley, even in the midst of this corona craziness.

Here comes summer in the Vermont shire.

See you in June!

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