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MARCH 2020 UPDATES: Thriving In Vermont During An Emerging "Global Pandemic"...

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Welcome to March 2020, visitors, and a "corona virus global pandemic"...!

So much (fake?) news and dis(?) mis(?) information swirling about re: the newest ("novel") CV19 virus - it is difficult to know what to make of this rapidly evolving situation.

Vermont Independent is maintaining a CV19 "open thread" here, in addition to our 2020 Electile Dysfunction "open thread" here.

Meanwhile, here at home in our 2nd Vermont Republic's Mad River Valley, we are enjoying "family bonding," tele-commuting, and our brand-new golden puppy.

Meet "Maeve," here visiting with our adopted daughter Siena.

Meanwhile, out in the wider world, the past several weeks have proved eventful. Global elites are fond of the catch phrase "never let a good crisis go to waste." We ordinary folk ought to adopt the same mantra - in a crisis, there are opportunities.

To wit:

LIFE BY THE HORNS: THE WAY YAK: Research on the yak book treks along. After a second visit to the National Western Stock Show, I have published the latest draft of the BE HERD chapter here. Enjoy, and please feel free to email me any critical feedback to

BEMER: I attended a 2 day BEMER Academy in Great Neck, New York, exploring the role of this patented medical therapy technology in helping our bodies develop greater healing and resilience capacities. Regular daily BEMER use increases red blood flow to our circulatory systems and helps stimulate a whole range of "wellness" benefits. Looking forward to sharing this powerful medical therapy with family, friends, and the wider world.

WIM HOF ACADEMY: Two days in Los Angeles, California brought together 60 WHM Academy instructors-in-training from all over the globe to develop our "Wim Hof "chops. Breathing, ice baths, and the science behind the protocol - all central elements of our weekend, and our #TeamHuman network will help bring more resilience and healing to the world.

OUR GEOENGINEERING AGE: Spring break found me in California and Florida to visit with and interview J. Marvin Herndon and Mark Whiteside, two of our four OGA national research team members. Look for their interviews at Our Geoengineering Age in the coming month. We continue to explore emerging links between geoengineering activity in our skies, and environmental and public health crises. We're also considering acquiring the archives of the late great geoengineering citizen activist Rosalind Peterson, pictured here. Stay tuned!

U TEACHING: All of our university courses are in the process of moving online as the world gets aggressive about practicing "social distancing" protocols to "contain" the threat of CV19. Here in Vermont, all nonessential commercial establishments - stores, health clubs, bars, restaurants, as well as civic and educational institutions - are shut down for the next several weeks. Time to "Go Virtual"!

Stay safe, be well, and remember to...

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