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Celebrating Human Resilience (WINTER 2021 UPDATE)

Happy new year, dear readers!

Thanks for visiting.

We sapiens ("wise humans") have been roaming around this beautiful Planet for 250,000 years, give or take.

This new year - 2021 - promises to be EPIC, and will test our human resilience like we haven't seen in some time. Wishing all of you happiness, health, and strength in the months ahead.

Professional update: along with teaching spring 2021 hybrid courses at a number of Vermont colleges, I am fortunate enough to be continuing LIFE BY THE HORNS yak research, OUR GEOENGINEERING AGE environmental research, VERMONT INDEPENDENT journalism, and Wim Hof instructor certification - approaching our February 5-10 master training in Colorado's beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Personally, I've been enjoying both travel and being at home here in New England with family. Daily breathing, cold water immersion, and meditation, combined with deep dives into the topics above, have been a boon in these dark and cold times.

Immersion in Great Pond, Belgrade Lakes, Maine.

Grass-fed yak steak, and writing on the shores of Great Pond; Belgrade Lakes, Maine.

I'll leave you with this new RESILIENCE video - below.

HNY, be in touch, and I hope to see you OUTside.

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