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Become THE GUARDIAN of your own BREATHE'ing

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

And here's a comprehensive overview of breath training for life with environmental journalist James Nestor, author of the 2020 bestselling book Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art.

In this conversation, James discusses topics, such as:

• The one breathwork session that changed James’ life

• How 98% of people are breathing incorrectly 

• Why we have adapted to breathing incorrectly

• How human skulls have changed over time

• The ancient history of breathwork

• Why you should rethink how you breathe

• The impact of incorrect breathing

• Links between breathing and overall health  

• The damage of mouth breathing 

• How mouth breathing can lead to diabetes

• The ways that poor breathing affect sleep

• How breathing can impact ADHD

• Why asthma is not a life sentence 

• How to breathe for a longer life 

• How having bigger lungs can lead to a longer life

• Breathing techniques to tackle stress

• Ways to hack anxiety 

• How indoor carbon dioxide is impacting intelligence

• Why millions of children are ill from incorrect breathing 

• Whether to wear a face mask or not

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