What is a “resiliencer?”

A “resiliencer” is a person who teaches “elasticity,” someone who coaches fellow humans to cultivate their inner ability to “spring back into shape,” especially when life gets a bit rough or times grow a bit tough.


Resilience begins inside each of us, a process involving mind, body, and soul.

Two questions for you and your organization. 

1.     Are you interested in learning how to focus mindful energy towards living a more healthy, balanced, and fulfilled life in the midst of complex and confusing times?


2.     Are you curious about how you can learn to reset your autonomic nervous and immune systems - building health, strength, and happiness into your daily life?


If your answer is YES, then consider joining me for a hands-on health and wellness workshop that will teach you and your organization evidence-based, simple strategies for building a more resilient mind and body.

My Story. 

I’ve been an athlete and spiritual seeker all of my life, and a teacher for more than thirty years.


When I reached the age of 50, rather than a midlife crisis, I had an epiphany, which arrived in the form of a question.


How do I make the most of my next fifty years, and continue my love for teaching to make the world a better place?


 My journey led me to extensive reading and experimentation with deep breathing, mindful meditation, and ultimately, pursuing an instructorship in the Wim Hof Method (WHM), a 21st century twist on ancient wellness practices. The WHM combines daily mindfulness, breathing, and cold-water immersion for building a more resilient mind and body, and is backed by research confirming the power of mind/body connections activated by these protocols. I am also working with the BEMER USA group, exploring how pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF - also called bioelectric medicine) can successfully target our circulatory system and improve microcirculation within our muscle tissues, leading to greater health and wellness.


I can develop customized sessions to support you, your family, your team, and/or your organization to develop lasting wellness and resilience. Interested in collaborating?

Be in touch: / 802.279.3364.

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